The WGHS P&C meet twice per term at 7.00pm in the school's Staff Common Room.  All parents are welcome.  We regularly host informative speakers and events at meetings that are publicised via the school newsletter and parents' Facebook page.  (enter the school via the door at the front of the main building and come up the stairs).

2018 Meeting Dates

Term 1:       February 20, March 20

Term 2:       May 15, June 19

Term 3:       August 21, September 18

Term 4:       October 16, November 20 (AGM)

The WGHS P&C provides parents with the opportunity to meet regularly with the School Principal and Deputy Principals and hear what is happening in the school.  These meetings provide an informal forum to raise and discuss relevant educational and welfare issues and areas that require additional funding around the school.  Over the next year there will be much discussion concerning the new build, its inclusions and the school’s entitlements.

For news about P & C meetings and sports/music sub-committees, please go to and follow our page.  This page is managed and administered exclusively by the P & C Executive and sub-committees with permission from the school.  The netball club has a separate Facebook page which is administered by the sub-committee:

2018 Committee Members 2018

President:                Liz Foster
Vice President:        William Pape (PRG Committee Member)
Vice President:        Thomas Day
Vice President:        Karen Pearson
Secretary:               Jane Cleverley
Treasurer:              Jane Whitelaw


Please contact us at  if you have any questions.


Sub Committee Convenors

Music:                                  Fran Cumming
Netball:                                Annie Thompson 
Hockey:                               John Kopsiaftis
Touch Football:                   John Le Couteur
                                            Andrew Carnegie                  
Basketball                           John O'Donnell
Grants:                               Thomas Day     
Social Media/Eventbrite:     Fiona Hearne   


Voluntary Donations to P&C Funds

For 2018 the amounts have been set at $160 (General Fund) and $220 (tax-deductible Building Fund).  The Building Fund has been increased by a one off amount in 2018 to help maximise outcomes for the new school build, due to commence this year.

Donations to the Parents & Citizens (P&C) General and Building funds are used to provide facilities, equipment, resources and technology to enhance the girls’ learning experiences. We also have a hard working Grants Committee that help to connect with the wider community and supplement funding.  The tax deductable P&C Building fund contributes to any permanent fixtures, fittings or building works that the Department of Education does not have a priority for (non-essentials) or does not fund.   

In recent years funds have been used to provide the waterproof shade structure over the amphitheatre, a new shade structure near the library, new and upgrade existing fixed technology including classroom interactive white boards and data projectors, installation of a new large screen for the hall, full renovations of the Uniform Shop and Hall kitchen and new Dyson hand dryers for the girls’ toilets. The school hall, (interior and exterior) was also fully renovated.

In addition, air conditioning in the library and new computers for classrooms were also funded by the P&C. P&C funds provide for ongoing upgrading of classrooms, technology and other facilities for students.

Parents & Citizen Clubs 

Willoughby Girls High School parents manage the Music Ensembles program as well as a range of sporting clubs.  Please follow the links for more information.