What is the scope of the project?


The upgrade of Willoughby Girls High School consists of:

  •     the removal of demountable teaching spaces
  •     the provision of 14 new future-focused permanent teaching spaces
  •     the provision of appropriate staff facilities
  •     the provision of student and staff amenities
  •     a new shared canteen with the public school
  •     design to repurpose building B00C (maths block) for future use
  •     a new multi-purpose sports court
  •     an increase in functional open outdoor play space.

Where is the location for the new building?

The new building will be located on the corner of Mowbray Road and Penshurst Street.


What buildings are being retained and upgraded?

All current buildings on the site will be retained, with only building B00C (maths block) being designed for future use.


Will there be any demountables at the school?

The current demountable buildings located on the existing sports court will be relocated to allow for the construction of the proposed new building.  Upon completion of the project, all demountables will be removed.


When will works start and finish?

Construction will commence in early 2018, with completion at the beginning of 2020.


What is the council approval process?

A development application (DA) will be lodged with Council (anticipated July 2017).


Will Medway Lane be used during construction works?

Medway Lane may be used to access the school during the proposed construction works. A Construction Management Plan will be prepared to minimise disruption to residents, staff, students and visitors.


How will noise and dust be managed?

Works will be carried out in accordance with the approved development consent.  It will be managed by the successful contractor and project manager to minimise disruption to residents, staff, students and visitors.


Will the new building be air-conditioned?

The proposed building design will look to maximise opportunities for cross-flow ventilation and solar access.  At this stage air-conditioning will not be provided.